One-use plastic bags have become a major issue in the U.S. with over 100 billion being used every year. Considering they can take upwards of a 1,000 years in some cases to degrade and that half a percent or less are ever recycled, the integration of reusable bags into society has become as important as ever. This is where companies who are trying to market themselves can swoop in and make an impact while simultaneously building their brand.

Offering free promotional items to past, current, or possibly future clients is a great way to keep your name in the forefront. By offering a reusable item, it allows the consumer to see your logo, services, and other important features of your brand on a regular basis. It takes just over a dozen times of seeing a design and logo colors for a person to begin associating them with a certain company. In addition, offering a promotional item such as this allows an association with your company to grow as an eco-friendly brand. Be sure to offer bags that are fashionable and have longevity to ensure they are in constant use. Considering that over 30 percent of consumers in the United States own reusable bags that have a logo of some sort placed upon them, this is one of the best freebies you can hand out. Learn more about the benefits of marketing with reusable bags by checking out the following infographic.


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Brand Your Company, Save the Planet
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