Wondering of Future Shop Store Closure?


The other day, we went to Future Shop Coquitlam Centre branch and its closed doors absolutely surprises us. I certainly had no idea on that day the reason of their out of business. People were shocked standing inside the mall entrance of the store. Well, who wouldn’t be? There was no costumer announcement prior the incident, and the employees seemed blind also on what has been going on.

Future Shop Closure

The Reason of Future Shop’s Closure

Through Future Shop website, I found this out:

“Future Shop and Best Buy are consolidating under the Best Buy brand. That means, the products, services, and features you have come to expect from FutureShop website can be found at BestBuy site”

“Many of our Future Shop stores will be renovated and rebranded as Best Buy stores. These stores will be temporarily closed until April 4th. Some Future Shop stores that are located in close proximity to an existing Best Buy store will be permanently closed as of March 28th.”And according to my reliable source – the CBC News, there are 22 Future Shop stores in British Columbia, once after the changeover is completed, there will be then 22 Best Buy stores and 11 Best Buy Mobile stores serving in B.C.

The sad thing about this consolidation is there will be more people will become jobless  in B.C. There will be approximately 500 full-time and 1,000 part-time positions would be eliminated as a result of the changeover.

The Reason of Future Shop Closure

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