I felt so sad for the current exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar to Philippine Peso is way very low. Last year, approaching Christmas, it was $38 something when we sent the money to my father back home for his eye surgical procedure. Surprisingly, weeks apart from that moment, the dollar rate drops down to $35.3, which I certainly find it very low. I remember, such conversion rate happened so many years ago when I was still back home. With the price drop of oil in Canada, which possibly can lead to more jobless people, we need to be extra cautious, and find other extra income source to bring more money. Well, hopefully, the Canadian economy will be getting stronger once again in not a long time.

On the other note, the US Dollar to Philippine Peso still remains great. The US economy is getting better after so many years of battling. So that’s a good news that seems need to get rejoice for their people.

Very Low Exchange Rate of Canadian Dollar to Philippine Peso

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