It’s been a while now that I keep renewing my domains under Godaddy’s shelter, and I started getting unhappy for the renewal cost and their customer service. I find it so dreadful! About two years ago, I used to pay about a half price per domain renewal for what I am paying recently. Isn’t that such a huge difference if you do the basic calculation?

Last month, I renewed my 3 expiring less earner domains in an extremely high price of GoDaddy. I have realized that it is time to move-out to other shelter that offers lesser cost. Well, where would that be? If GoDaddy won’t return their coupons galore I have to take this action seriously as my blogging income is depleting. I can’t afford anymore those pricey domains and monthly hosting that always remind me when time to pay. I’ll be having my last push then as my time will get divided into several sectors accordingly. Surely, I will becoming busier this year.

GoDaddy’s Costly Domain Renewal Price

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