I absolutely love shopping but I have committed to myself not to overdo it. Otherwise, we would end up broke all the time and certainly that’s a nerve breaking, isn’t it? So I shop only necessary stuff and only if on sale. Now for June best steal ever, let’s break down the deal.

A Dollar Flip Flops for SaleHave you heard about the dollar flip flops event of Old Navy? Well, I grabbed some of those flip flops, you can find them in the image above. Take note, these are for my whole family. In total is 22 pairs of flip flops, supplies good for several years! I got 6 pairs for personal use and as a matter of fact, my daughter and I came up with the plan of putting some embellishments to beautify a bit our plane flip flops.

Best Steal from the StoreNext, steal are these Activewear for our children- the Capri leggings and sporty shorts. I acquired these through the store’s promo which is Buy One, get the Next Item for a DOLLAR. Since it’s summertime so these clothings are pretty much useful for the kids.

Activewear Shorts

Of course, the last but not the least are my shorts (above last image) perfect for my jogging activity. I acquired these shorts through the store deal 50% plus 30% upon checkout. Therefore, I ended up paying $10/each of these shorts which brought joy to my pocket.

I think that’s all for now. Next time, I’ll be posting my July’s Best Steal Ever so please watch out for that episode.

Shopping: June’s Best Steal Ever

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