Patiently Waiting for iPhone 6

My iPhone 4 just lasted its contract three months ago, now it means I am qualified to make a phone upgrade, however up to now I did not bother to let hubby renew the contract. Why? Remember iPhone 6 will be released earlier than its actual plan date? So instead of getting the iPhone 5, I rather wait to have the latest one so I don’t need to change again too soon. Well, is it really worth to wait the iPhone 6?

Of course, once the gadget is newly launched as the usual marketing strategy- the item’s price will be costly. However, the price goes down in a little while once there’s another replacement. HmmmAm I willing to pay upfront the gadget cost upon the renewal of the contract? Let me think about that! Technology is truly unstable. Anyway, it’s only up to the people if they will follow what’s the newest and hottest much more in terms of the gadgets.

While Dealing with iPhone 4

Waiting for iPhone 6

Honestly, I am happy and contented with my old iPhone 4 that since hubby handed it to me, I never bother to buy any accessories for it or even dare to change its phone case. How come? I’m dealing it everyday for almost 3 years and still exactly the same color and status since my hands got it.

The truth is, I just don’t want to spend from my own pocket for it. So tempting seeing those lovely, glittering phone cases displayed at the Coquitlam Centre entrance, but my wallet is just finding so hard to release the money. You say I am too cheap! That’s okay, because that seems the reality. I am hoping that there’s an advertiser out there who is willing to sponsor to dress up my iPhone 4, and that would be such a good news.

In the meantime, while waiting for the iPhone 6 which the rumors say about September is the releasing date, I’ll be searching sponsors to get dressed my daily companion- my iPhone 4.

Waiting for the iPhone 6 Before Renewing the Contract
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