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Finally the old blog header is back!

After the in-depth evaluation of my last blog header, I have decided to return back my old header because I find it suitable for my blog niches which is basically more on shopping and business.

I have transferred this blog into WordPress about 2 months ago, but I still have tons of things to do as part of the transition like its categories, and besides I also started applying piece by piece the SEO. And although I am still crawling with the search engine optimization, but it’s fine, I am taking my time to learn.

Well, I wish that Google will return my missing PR 3 Blog of  Momsdrive Finds so my blog will be back to its usual business. I miss earning dollars that can support my shopping obsession and some money for my beloved mother back home.

Anyway, I hope you like my old blog header my friends because it seems I gonna let it stay longer.

The Old Blog Header is Back Once Again

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