I Acquired My Own Jewelry Tools

I’ve been planning to venture beading activity since I heard about it. I like beading pretty much as I love fashion jewelry, so now that I acquire my own jewelry tools from my favorite arts and crafts store this activity must pursue. I am extremely excited for this new hobby.

I purchased this set of tools (found below) for a half of its regular price using the store coupon. Its regular price was $29, so half of it plus the taxes is what I paid for. Isn’t that a quite good deal for a starter in jewelry making like myself?

Beading Tools Essential

As you can see in the image, the set comes with a round nose pliers, long nose pliers, flat nose pliers, flush cutter, bead reamer, tweezer and a bead scoop. I know, I have more tools that need to acquire, but would you mind telling me the necessary ones that I need to buy if you have an idea? Well, your input would be very much appreciated.

Momsdrive Acquired Jewelry Tool Set for a New Beading Hobby

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