Who wouldn’t be intrigued to see an item for sale without really nothing to be used for? Take a look at this pack of GUM soft-picks in the image below which I captured while I was shopping for a dental floss days ago. Whether this is the negligence of the manufacturing company for passing it in the quality control or the retailer company’s employee for displaying the item on their shelf ready to be sold while empty.

GUM soft-picks

The empty GUM soft-picks pack

I know you will be thinking that nobody of these mentioned responsible business groups noticed such discrepancy and that is what my sense too. For this, it gives me the thought that no matter how advance tech our technology is in this generation, yet, imperfections of production seem wouldn’t leave the company’s shadow.

GUM soft-picks pack

  The correct packaging.

Would you like to know which store I found this empty item? Hmm… In Target Canada, Coquitlam Centre Mall.

Empty Pack of GUM Soft-Picks for Sale

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