WordPress Auto Update

Since I updated my WordPress blogs to Version 3.7 just few weeks ago I noticed that it will automatically update by itself without doing something whenever there’s another version coming. It is funny because at first I thought my blogs were being attacked by hackers for the said changes without me performing the updates. So because of that, I Googled it to know what’s going on in WordPress sphere.

Fear of WordPress Messed Up

I found the answer that WordPress set their system to automatically update to the current version from Version 3.7 and above. Of course it made me worry, because what if my plugins are not compatible with their new updates. So, my blog will be a big mess then. I have this fear of course, especially that I just newly moved to WordPress and I have numerous things to learn in this platform.

Of course, I made a research as well on how to disable that auto update since there’s no more option in the dashboard to manually update the version whenever we may want or feel to do so. I saw some code on how to disable the autoupdates of the WordPress system, but allows the updates of your plugins and themes automatically. Well, have you done this tweaking to resolve the  automatic update issue? Or you just leave WordPress do its own flow? I really need an input since I haven’t done anything about this case yet.

WordPress Auto Update Version 3.7 and Above

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