Google Page Rank ImportanceIt’s been a year since Momsdrive Finds lost its PR-3. I felt sad about it because it’s one of my sites that bring some cash into my hungry wallet. I just make this post because I am reminiscing the time when we were doing our home renovation project three years ago. There were ups and downs throughout the entire procedure, especially in term of financial. The rank of my blogs were PR3. I had offers left and right, and I therefore conclude that blogging was really great and did able to helped buy necessary home materials, furnishings and even toys for our children.

However, the bright color of my blogging started getting dimmer and dimmer years later Google started becoming very strict. My blogs PR slowly went down and earnings also started getting low. I then felt bored and lost motivation, till I came to the point I ceased blogging for almost a year. And the reason I go back?


The main reason I go back to blogging is because of my boredom that I experienced here in the land of CA.

When I decided to go back to blogging, I felt strange because changes were everywhere. Google made a huge change in the blogosphere, there’s Penguin which I haven’t explored  yet further. There is domain authority which is hard to figure out how to reach the desired result. The page authority and so on. Well, what’s next of these Google? Venturing SEO

Seach Engine ResourcesAs of now, I started turning my head upside down with the Search Engine Optimization. I borrowed SEO resources from the library and hopefully I can harvest some good crops out of these plantings. Honestly, the comeback of my PR 3 is to be grateful and celebrate enough.

Missing My Long Lost PR-3 Blog
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