Real Estate Agent WantedI have published our property for renting here weeks ago. Our Japanese tenants just ended their contract and they go back to Japan. To find for a replacement faster, I decided to contact the tenant who found the client for our unfurnished house. Now, the real-estate agent has a viewer who wants to view our furnished unit 3 days after the house has been vacated.

The said viewers like the unit and requested a bunch of stuff, such as a gas oven, a different Internet provider, and asking to lower the monthly rental. Hmmm… Not that much, huh! To make the story short, they made a lot of haggling where even our tenancy policy of 2 months security deposit and 1 month advance has also haggled because the client believed that it’s only 1 month advance and 1 month security deposit. The real-estate agent seemed didn’t explain very well to her client our renting policy. It’s a matter of miscommunication then. Well, above all, I am still grateful that our house still earning despite of our absence.

The Lesson I’ve learned 

One thing I’ve learned from this scenario is to remind over and over the real-estate agent regarding our renting policy regardless of how long she’s been bringing us a client. Actually, I used to find our new tenants by myself, but after the huge changes occurred without my control of my source I urged to use an agents although I have to pay them a commission.

And to know the full story of the primary reason of such a sudden shift-  hiring a real- estate agent, please stay tuned folks!

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Miscommunication Between Real-Estate Agent and the Client

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