I feel strange with the Linkworth lately in concern with their payment schedule. Usually I get paid not later than 18th of the month, whenever I reach the company’s minimum threshold to receive payment. Since I didn’t receive more opportunities from them anymore since last year, so I seldom get paid. Based on my experience, the last payment I got which was last year I didn’t get paid if I didn’t contact them many times. The LW lady said they had overlooked it. It is a good idea that I check them often once I realized that I reach the threshold of $25. Of course, even that small amount that is still money you know and I can even buy two leggings of that at Target. Lol!

Seriously speaking, I noticed that LinkWorth is getting worse because why? Supposed to be I will receive my payment again on the 18th but until now they don’t pay me and what’s the date right now? The thing that I don’t like is they don’t respond anymore to my emails. How come? Are they all on AWOL? They owe me $47 but that is still a money you know. I can pay 3 months of my hosting for that, but they screwed me up. Are you also on LinkWorth folks? Are you having the same issue as I do lately?

 Well, hopefully they won’t follow the footprints of other paid to write companies that gave bloggers a nightmare because they closed and didn’t bother to pay for what they owe. Honestly, I became a victim once with the known get paid to write or make review company that’s why I don’t want to happen that scenario again.

What’s happening at LinkWorth Lately? | My Personal Experience toward the Payment Issue

One thought on “What’s happening at LinkWorth Lately? | My Personal Experience toward the Payment Issue

  • September 21, 2014 at 1:46 am

    same experience… Ive tried to email them 5 times this month but no reply. sigh…


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