The recent Boxing Day was not really a big deal for me when it comes to shopping deals. Although I went to the store early to get my best catch- the laptop fan which was my immediate need as my laptop can’t wait anymore or else it will blast. My laptop overheats few minutes right after I turn it on because of its fan malfunctioned. Actually it needs a new replacement, however I can’t just acquire the gadget as easy as that due to financial matter.

Anyway, for the meantime, to relieve the overheating laptop issue I decided to buy again the lap chill mat which I had returned a few weeks ago on my first purchase for the thought of I don’t need it anymore after I spoke to the technician. My laptop shuts down by itself once overheat. Without the fan I bought, when I touch the back side of the computer seems I can cook an egg on it. That’s how hot it is and can may possibly cause a forever wreckage of my so important device.

In the previous weeks my online presence was interrupted with this issue. Hopefully now that I temporarily find the solution, I hope I’ll be back to my usual daily routine online. More presence more earnings I believed.
I Have Realized the Importance of Laptop Fan

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