My couponing hobby is an on and off activity, but telling you I do miss it like crazy. I’m pretty sure you know people who are into such fun and money saver interest or shall say just for pastime. Before, when I took couponing seriously, I got mails almost every day and our mailbox and my hands were overjoyed even though some of the mails can be considered as junk.

Imagine collecting coupons without an organizer. How cluttered, do you think it is? Hmmm… My coupons were just found everywhere: kitchen, under my desk, corners of the house and many other areas where the poor papers fit in. 


 I absolutely had no plan of buying an organizer because as what I have said it’s a seasonal activity. However, I unexpectedly acquired an attractive coupon organizer  when I visited the Dollar store. I feel that the rainbow color of my organizer conveys a bright couponing activity ahead. Well, we’ll see that in the coming months for my great finds.

Anyway, don’t you like my cheap coupon organizer that I bought for $2 dollars? Mind you, it is handy and I can take it wherever I go.
Cheap Coupon Organizer: The Newly Acquired One
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