There are only so many ink pens, notepads and plastic cups that you can hand out to your employees, clients and prospective business partners. If you are ready to hand out something that will grab attention, consider promotional gifts that support healthy living. You want to do business with people who strive to live in a healthy, productive manner, so it only makes sense that your promotional items reflect that desire.
Pedometers are a great example of affordable health-related products that are easy to brand. You can place your branding or contact information on the flat back surface of each unit so that your recipients see that information every time they put the unit on or take it off to check their stats.
Most people know what a pedometer is, and many enjoy challenging themselves to take a given number of steps each day. This is an easy way to stay active and healthy, and anyone capable of walking can do this. This is not a promotional gift that will end up in the trash, and you can shop for a variety of colors and designs that fit your budget.
Stress balls are also a good option if you want a health-related promotional item that is affordable in bulk. Most people deal with stress on a daily basis, so a ball to conveniently release stressful energy is a thoughtful gift that anyone can use. This is the type of promotional product that is passed to friends and family members because it is so functional and useful.
Where to Shop Promotional Items Online for Your Business

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