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Home improvement could turn into a disastrous event if the person to handle the job has totally zero idea and may not even bother to ask a hand from a knowledgeable individual. As you know innovations of product is an endless activity in this generation due to a massive competition in the market. Companies are continuing spending money in the research just to get ahead from their competitors and bring the latest innovation to the market.

As one result, Royal Building Products – the leading construction company in North America is bringing the remarkable product innovations such as windows, sidings, roofs, etc. Besides that, to see yourself the upcoming home improvement prior the finishing date you can virtualize the project using the Royal Virtual Remodeler which I tried using just a week ago for a friend’s home built in the next City. Currently we are living in a high-rise apartment so I decided to use a home photo of a friend to virtualize. To begin the process, I created an account then uploaded the photo and followed the instructions provided on the website. Don’t you worry folks, the instructions are very understandable and so easy to follow. I actually did take advantage of the whole services offered by them, sorry I just can’t resist not too. Aside the easiness to use, it is totally free too. Definitely it’s an awesome service!


Virtual Remodeler

Royal has several Vinyl Windows Systems for people to choose from, but what interests me much after doing the thorough comparison of products are Thermoplast Hybrid, Royal Guard Impact and Thermoplast 8000 Series. As soon as we will come to the aspect of choosing materials for our dream home, I’ll consider looking back at all these great finds. So why don’t you try yourself the tool? I’m sure it will be helpful for your future home repairs. Once you try it, please come back here and let me know which window system ignite your imagination to virtualize. 


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The Innovative Vinyl Windows brought Royal Building Products

One thought on “The Innovative Vinyl Windows brought Royal Building Products

  • December 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Very cool idea! We are having new siding and windows put on our house this week! It would have been so nice to have this program to be able to “test drive” what our house would look like with the updates.


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