The computer I’ve been using is now out of control. Its fan like need a replacement as the computer shuts down by itself. The message that reads “Cooling fan is not operating properly, continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior, that could result in random shutdown, data loss or possible system damage.” With this unhealthy condition of my very important friend I decided to buy a cooling fan few weeks ago in the hopes that the issues may be resolved with its help.


Prior to buying the fan, I tried dusting the back of my laptop using a computer duster as I thought there were plenty of dust stuck over there. I check the BIOS also if the fan was turned off, but unfortunately not any of the issues fixed it.


My last recourse is the newly bought laptop cooling pad, actually it helps the apparatus from overheating, but the message still keep appearing and sometimes takes forever to start the program. Haysssst.. I think this computer is looking for a new replacement. The consultation fee in the nearby PC doctor is $80 excluding the damage parts that need to buy, oh, this will cost me much!
Laptop Cooling Pad: A Recourse For Not Working Laptop Fan?

One thought on “Laptop Cooling Pad: A Recourse For Not Working Laptop Fan?

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