I brought up this topic as I am just a bit intrigue with Sears marketing strategy, the “Receive $10 On Your Next Purchase When You Sign Up @ Sears e-Newsletter. When you shop at their store the cashier will ask you to have your email enter on their system for you to receive the $10 coupon to be used in your next purchase.
 In my case, I gave myemail to the cashier of the said store, but months came by there’s no such sign up coupon of $10. The next time I shop at Sears again the lady ask me to give my email to her for that promotion, what I answered was “ no never mind, actually I have given my email address a month ago but up to now I don’t receive anything.” The cashier answered me “let’s give another try.” So what I did, I gave her a different email of mine and wait for weeks or even months. Like the very first time, I don’t receive anything until now, to sum up three months, it is about 3 months now and no email yet from the store even telling “ Hey dude, here’s your $10 coupon. Enjoy the savings on your next shopping!”
Now the thought is, is this promotion a scam? You tell me folks because I don’t receive what have their promotion conveys.  
Yesterday, I went to their store again and bought pajamas for the kids as they were on sale. Guess what? I saw the signage again. Lol! At that time, I decided to take an image of it because I’d like to post it here, which is here now for you to say something guys. I hope I could get an input from you!

Sears Promotion: Receive $10 On Your Next Purchase When You Sign Up, True or False?

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