I just renewed today my monthly hosting on Hostgator site which I have been started paying 4 months ago. I am not sure if I made a mistake with my decision making for getting the hosting instead of using Blogger free platform that I’ve been also using for about 5 years with the majority of my blogs. Paying monthly $14.99 for  hosting alone is such a pain in my wallet. Actually I can regain it if I can just receive best offers from  the generous advertisers, in which I have been always hoping for. My advertisers lately are not that much compared before; it seems it is in drought season. 
Aside from hosting expense I have multiple domains that need to be renewed in the month of December, so by now I am on the look out for the best Godaddy domain renewal promo code. If you have something hidden there in your vault guys just let me know. That will be helpful for my saving money mission.

If you love joining giveaways folks, I have a couple here for you to join. Big cash awaits to the lucky winners!

Countdown to Black Friday Giveaway, $1,000 Visa Gift Card or Amazon at Stake!

Renewal of Hostgator’s Hosting Plan

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