As what I have said in my previous post that I will find a good deal of kids Halloween Costumes for my two trick-or-treaters. So far I have found after making all the comparisons in different regular stores around Coquitlam. My daughter wore her Snow White costume while son in Iron Man with the mask from Costco, each cost below $20 and I was so grateful for that deal. Well, isn’t that a pretty good deal guys? These finds were truly cheaper compared to the ones I saw at Target, London Drugs and other stores around us where I have been searching for weeks. 

As the Halloween gets closer to date, the store’s bargain they’re available stuffs, and for me seems that time is the best to shop for deal seekers. 
Anyway, in the snapshots are our kids during the trick or treats at the Coquitlam Center. They had fun and they both looking forward for 2014’s Halloween event.
Kids Halloween Costumes in 2013

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