A few weeks ago I decided to drop by in Victoria’s Secret outlet with my daughter in Vancouver. I urged to visit there as I was intrigued by the news that the prices there are way higher compared to the US. Well, I have proved it to myself that it is certainly true. 
In fairness, I like the interior of the store, so classy and fascinating. My 5 y.o. Daughter was fascinated with their sofas as the color is pink and with chic designs. We didn’t take too long inside as hubby and son were waiting outside in the car, so after having a glance of the entire place I hurriedly grab few body care products. I paid $39+ Cad including the tax since these in the image 5 items cost $35. In the US website I saw such similar set of 5 is only $30 US. Each of the lotion as shown in the photo cost $12, however just only $10 in the States.

With their prices? hmmm… I am thinking of better buying in bulk online in the US website and just free the shipping cost, I can still save doing that way.

Goodies from Victoria’s Secret Vancouver Branch

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