The modern world is a melting pot of fashion to a degree never seen before. The ability to travel, and thus be exposed to other cultures and other aesthetics, combined with new working options like telecommuting has freed many women to pursue both a career and personal expression. Plus, newer technologies allow for a richness and diversity of color and design which simply was not possible for most of human history.

As one example, modern tights for women come in materials and colors not available as little as sixty years ago. In the World War II era, there were basically silk stockings and knitted wool leggings — and that is relatively modern. It used to be even worse. Now, there is a multitude of footless tights, footed tights, matching unitards and the like in every color and an assortment of patterns.
Additionally, modern life allows us to shop conveniently online at sites like Shopping used to be a chore but can now be done from the comfort of home. With all these factors combined, for some people, modern life allows the pursuit of fashion to be a joy and clothes to be both physically comfortable and wearable art. Historically, it was basically one or the other: Look good and suffer or be comfortable but unattractive.
Some women revel in this new found freedom to express themselves so personally yet publicly without suffering for their favorite art form. For them, life has become an art. It is also just plain fun.
Where to Shop Diversity of Modern Tights for Women Online

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