I always on the look out of small, beautiful but functional kitchen design. Why? We have a small kitchen in Cebu that truly needs a major makeover. Once we could raise a money for it, I really want to be done. The kitchen is my favorite phase of the house. As you know it is where most people spend almost of their time while at home.
I had once a mistake in beautifying a kitchen. Due to lack of a thorough planning and a research, our first kitchen in our first bought house didn’t turn out great as I wanted it to be. Isn’t that so functional. The area is just small. I put lots of storage in it that makes no enough room for some of the kitchen appliances. I think a little bit of makeover in that kitchen would make it great.
After that first mistake I don’t want to repeat it to our 2nd house bought. Once is enough because it always involves money. 
image credit: thekitchendahab.com

This kitchen above- a u shaped designed kitchen is beautiful. U shape design is a modern one but if I am going to follow this above I’ll put a hanging cabinet on the whole area above the sink where the three bars of wood have been attached. I’ll change as well the kitchen counter, instead of that right now I am going to make it 2 layers just like a mini-bar counter. Of course I’ll use a granite for the kitchen countertop and I’ll put lovely lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

image credit: houzz.com

This second image above is also a lovely one. I like the kitchen cabinet ideas, the placement of the cooktop and most importantly the island details and lightings. Well, don’t you like it too guys?

Small, Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Design Ideas

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