I have been eying for a good deal of Halloween costumes for my kids since the calendar turned day 1. Honestly, assortment of costumes for both sexes were found at the local stores like CostCo, WalMart and Target, but frankly speaking I find the price a wallet digger. Last year, I remembered, I truly had a very good deal at Zellers since I purchased a few weeks prior to their Store Closing Sale and mostly stuff were 50-75% discount. I bought my daughter a Disney theme costume and son a superhero theme. I wish every day is a big sale day like a Store Closing Sale event where everything must go on a targeted date.

This year my both of my kids want a different Halloween costume to be worn during their school Halloween event and for their treat and tricks. I can see the excitement from my kids’ eyes every time we discuss about the upcoming Halloween in the house. As a mother, I wish I have all have the means to buy things easily without stretching too much of our household budget.
If you are a parent, probably you have acquired the costume for your child by this time. If so, did you avail it in a good deal?
Eying for the Best Deal of Halloween Costumes

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