Here I am again shoe eying. I’ve been searching actually for a good deal of running shoes for months now and still couldn’t find any. Well, there are tons actually to choose from at the store but when it comes to buying for myself I really want to purchase at a big discount. It is just hard to spend the money on the regular price. I am not used to it even back home, unless already in a super low regular price.  
Who do you think won’t fall in love with these super duper comfy shoes found below? The very first time I tried them on my feet I really don’t want to take them off. I wish someone will hand a pair of color brown, (my favorite) in size 6 to me one day! hehe. I saw the stuff at Ronsons by the way, so great for the fall season.

These shoes are made in Brazil and so perfect for loafing around. Too bad for now the stuff isn’t my priority. By the way its price is $159.95 plus tax. Hopefully in the next time it will be in 80% discount. lol!

Shoes for Loafing Around | Just Shoes Window Shopping

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