A few days from now it will be the opening of the class. Parents and students are busy shopping both online and offline for school supplies, clothes, shoes, accessories and so many other things being needed. We do bit by bit shop for our two students this year.
Shopping is fun and such a huge challenge. In order to acquire those written on my list I considered on visiting different stores that offer low prices plus on sale. In the store close by, we went at Sears, The Children’s Place, Tommy Hilfiger for kids clothings. At Tommy Hilfiger we had a pretty good deal as the children’s clothes were all 30% plus another 30% for 100 dollar or more purchase. Of course at The Children’s Place aside from the sale items we availed also their promo of free $25 coupon every $50 purchase and that’s redeemable in a certain date. 
For the kids shoes, we got them at Sport Check since the store offers buy 1 get 50% in the 2nd item. Isn’t that a cool offer? Hmmm…absolutely! Plus one more thing, since I signed up for their club I availed 10% coupon and I enjoyed it while shopping for the kids shoes few days ago. 
How about school supplies being required to be submitted to the school? In that case, I haven’t purchased them. I am planning on getting those at either Target or Dollarama. 
Shopping for Kids

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