I just found out that one of my USB flash drive is overheating, and the worst scenario is not working anymore. I have very important data in it that I need. I wasn’t able to back up also the drive as I wasn’t thinking of happening this bad incident. 
I Google online how to fix overheating USB flash drive or not working at all. Of course there are lots of videos on youtube and reported incidents online asking for help to resolve the case. I did follow some fixing ideas I found. In fact I broke already its case, trying to wipe out out the mist. The circuits are so tiny and some other tiny parts in it, unfortunately I don’t know how to repair if there are burnt circuits coz I don’t have the knowledge and proper tools for that.
To recover my data in my USB I Google any repair shop close by. I got their rates and way so expensive. I couldn’t believe with the rates. I wasn’t transfer yet my files because I haven’t buy yet an expandable hard drive which is about $100 now there’s more than that price I am facing. Grrrrr… What else can I say? Forget the files and move on or save the files buy saving some money for the data recovery fee? Hmmmm… I need to think carefully with this decision. I hope anytime soon the thing will work for me so I don’t have the guilt for not doing the right thing before. 
Overheating USB Flash Drive Not Working | How to Repair USB Flash Drive

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