By John McKenzie

For many people, collecting specific toys is a way of life; some collections are so valuable that they have to be insured in case something should happen. Yet, if you really want to enjoy the hobby, here are three tips on how to get more out of your toy collection:
1. Display your toys.
Horse gifts
If you are particularly proud of your collection, you can use your home to display them for everyone to see. Not only can family and friends enjoy your collection, but other hobbyists as well if you let them into the household.

When displaying toys, some people get very creative. For example, instead of keeping toy trains locked away in cabinets, you can create a mock landscape for them to move along tracks. If you have a lot of horse gifts, you can creatively display them by building mock pastures or racetracks.

2. Join clubs.
For people that love to show off their collections and interact with other hobbyists, joining clubs can fulfill both desires. By browsing online, you will easily come across websites and forums where people all over the world gather to talk about their passions. By becoming involved, you will not only have the chance to show off your collection but make new friends and connections as well.
3. Host a toy exchange party.
If you build up enough interest within the community, you can potentially host a toy exchange party to meet people and expand collections.
To host a toy swap, you need to:
Gauge people’s interest. Before you become too excited about hosting a toy swap, you need to determine just how interested people would be in the idea. Unsuccessful  toy swaps can be a waste of time and money.
Choose a location. Many people choose to hold toy exchanges in their own homes. However, you will need to decide whether you are comfortable with strangers being in your home and on your property. If not, you will need to look into booking space elsewhere.
Choose a date. When choosing a date, try to choose days where people are more likely to be available.
Enlist help. To make sure things run smoothly, ask around to see if you can find people to help you organise and hold the event.
Set rules. There are plenty of rules to consider when organizing a swap. For example, is there a limit to the number of toys that a person can bring? Are toys with violent themes acceptable? In what condition must the toys be in to be acceptable? What currency and exchange methods will be used? By answering these questions and more, everyone will be on the same page for the event.
Spread the word. Once everything has been decided, you need to get the word out however you can. You can use online sources to connect with people and also rely on word-of-mouth around your local community.
With these three tips on how to get more out of your toy collection, you will be better able to enjoy the collection on your own or with others.
How to Get More Out of Your Toy Collection

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