I don’t go to the beauty salon here in the foreign land to have my pedicure and manicure as you know the charges are so high. I better do it myself and save a lot of money. Although it’s a lot of work, bending and staring but worthy enough. 
Today I shopped more nail polish at Target because there I have a variety of selections in terms of quality and the price. Uttering of price, I got all these nail polishes for 9 bucks. I just ignore the brand anyway as I know my eyes can’t sustain longer watching my nails just the same nail polish in a week. I’d rather let it natural than that way. Tomorrow I’ll start having fun again with my nails. How about you ladies, do you do the nail polishing yourself or you visit every weekend at the salon? Do you also go with the quality or the price in terms of buying these stuffs? 

Cheap Nail Polish for My Nails

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