I just want to share our experience with you in one of the Bank of Montreal branch here in BC. Hubby has his account with this bank for a long time. When I arrived here he added me to it as a joint account. Then unexpectedly earlier this month we are experiencing strange scenario. First hubby can’t access to his online account, then followed by an ATM withdrawal block. So he went to the bank to settle this issue and according to their explanation there’s fraud threat under my husband’s account. Then it was settled after he visited the BMO branch close by which is in Coquitlam branch.

In my case, the bank unlinked my card to my husband’s Checking account in which I got the source of money especially for store shopping. It gives me the comfort although I have no real job yet to keep own cash/income coming in. Now to resolve the case my husband and I went to the bank and spoke to one of the bank’s staff to link it back. The staff performed his procedure that he thought might solve the case but unfortunately not. We waited there an hour or more there and actually it had caused my husband to be late at work on that day. Then in the end the staff told us that they accidentally deleted my profile. What a messed! I was so upset. They should recover the file. So the guy promised that by Monday it will be fixed. Of course  Procopia was expecting then without confirming to the bank regarding her ATM card issue she went shopping then as the following day was her daughters 5thbirthday. After all the effort of selecting and letting my daughter fit theclothes and so on we then proceed to the Cashier to pay, but unfortunately the card was declined as the bank didn’t still link the card back and I had no cash at the moment or other card to support that declined card from BMO. To make that story short in that scenario I wasted time and effort.

So upon knowing that I still bearing the issue with that bank I right away proceed to the branch with my kids, and the lady who assisted me said I have to open a new account and have it link to my husband to have an access to his account. But my husband has a work during the day and no more time to go to the bank during their banking hours. So another issue for us. Why they won’t find a favorable solution to us since this is the cause of their NEGLIGENCE, for accidentally deleting my profile. I was so upset on that day because I cameto the bank 2 times and waited but turned nothing.

Then supposed to be in the next day I’ll thrash my card till the guy called me telling that my account has been settled already, meaning already link again. But to prove it to myself I tried withdrawing money from the machine, but it keeps saying the card is not link to that certain account. Whew! BMO you keep joking on me!!! Please don’t keep calling us telling a BIG JOKE because you’re just wasting our time!

I am banking in the Philippines for several banks for years but it never happens to me that my account accidentally deleted. This made me worry here that when the time has come that I am ready to invest in BMO they will also accidentally delete my account. Hmmmm. Are you kidding me BMO? Because of this scenario, if I’ll open my own personal account, investments or whatsoever in the future I won’t do it in this bank. By now that I am just getting the money source from my hubby they already put me in a worrisome situation. Whew I am sweating a lot!!!

Sorry folks I rant this long which is very unusual to me here online. I am just expressing my thoughts.


Because of BMO’s (Bank of Montreal) Negligence I Lost My Access

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