Summer is my most favorite awaited season to come in a year. It is not only because of the less rain to experience in BC but the most exciting part is to wear the stuff that used to wear. The comfortable slippers, shorts, clothes and so on. I don’t need to put on layers of clothes and thick jackets at cold times in which also the kids don’t like to put on as they feel barred to do the things they like to do. 
Recently I have come to the poll where the question is “what do you get most excited to wear in the summer?” My simple answer was shorts as it was included in the selections. And guess what? As the result, my answer was the leading one. Hmmm… I thought only me is excited to wear the same thing.
Tackling about summer wears, what do you get most excited to wear during this season? 
In the name of summer shorts, I dug online recently and found these great deals- on 50% discount. Well, I just let myself drool over to whatever deals as I couldn’t do my shopping this time.

What Do You Get Most Excited to Wear in the Summer?

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