How to Transfer Money from EON Cyber Account to Any Local Bank? The answer is just easy and a quick procedure to say. But before I tackle it in detail I would like to say that I wasted my money already with the Western Union Fees withdrawing my online earnings from my EON account through ATM’s here in Canada and send the money to my mother in the Philippines. 
The flow of my money is illustrated in the flow chart below:

In the flow chart I wasted the money for every withdrawal which is $2 using a CIBC ATM, and the charge fee sending through Western Union is $9.50 Cad. for money in minutes. That’s horrible isn’t it?
If you ask me if I have a credit card issued here in Canada to lessen the expenses. Well I don’ have! But my husband does however, I chose to do it this way.
So when I found out that UnionBank has offered a new service to transfer money online to another local bank, of course I felt glad because shouldering a lot of fees in order to arrive my money in a certain destination from the foreign land is a big deal to me. I requested right away to the bank to activate my Transfer to local bank in my Menu upon knowing the said service. Although I waited a couple of days for it to work due to their system enhancement but still grateful for this wonderful service. 
To know about how to transfer Money from EON Cyber Account to Any Local Bank simply hit me, it’s only a few seconds away procedure! 
How to Transfer Money from EON Cyber Account to Any Local Bank

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