Having a healthy and well cared teeth involves a lot of positive factors in life. To mention one is it develops self-confidence. But in order to have and sustain a healthy dental it needs proper maintenance- as part of that is aside from personal care is a doctor’s visit. 
In North America, I found dental care as way very expensive. If a person has no dental insurance he will suffer to pay the high cost price even just in the filling  of dental cavities. 
Anyway, today was our dental appointment for me and my 2 kids. If no insurance supposed to be we’ll be paying $783 for the 3 of us just for few dental procedures, and we still need to come back in the coming days for the continuation as we’re not done as of today. So instead of $783 I paid the cashier only $88. Doesn’t that have a huge difference? 

The above image is a sort of cut off the portion of our receipt just to show how dental insurance helps in times of dental problems.

Advantage of Having Dental Insurance

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