A bottle of wine makes a great gift for many occasions, but sometimes people hesitate to buy wine because they are afraid of giving the wrong type. Wine clubs vary greatly in price, purpose and flavor, so how can you know that you have the right wine for the right person? Here are a few easy tips to consider when buying wine to take to a party or as a housewarming present.
Weigh the Occasion
You can find wine for almost any occasion if you know what is appropriate for each scenario. If you regularly order through wine clubs, you may be able to gift one of your own collection.
As you choose the right kind of wine for a gift, consider the occasion and how much you would normally spend on another type of gift. If you are buying for a wedding gift, you should be prepared to purchase more than one bottle. A “sampler” is a great wedding gift to help a couple start their own collection. For a dinner party, however, a single bottle of moderately priced wine is appropriate.

Consider the Price
Expensive wine is an appropriate gift only if you know the recipient well and are sure he or she will appreciate the vintage. Spending $100 on a bottle of wine for a dinner party is probably overkill. Many perfectly acceptable wines are available in the $20 range, so do not spend too much. What’s more, if you overspend and the host or hostess is a wine lover or buys from wine clubs, it is possible that you may embarrass the recipient with a too-expensive choice.
Look at the Origin
If you already know your hostess or the gift recipient prefers French wine, this is an obvious choice. However, for a dinner party or casual gift, it is often appropriate to choose a local wine. Not only will you have a great gift but it can also serve as a conversation starter. If you order from wine clubs, you may be able to choose a wine with a personalized label for a work gift or as a holiday present.
Decide on the Variety
If you know your recipient prefers red to white, your decision is easy. For a dinner party, you could choose wine based on the proposed menu: white pairs with lighter fare and red with pasta or red meat. Be aware, too, that the hosts may have already selected the wines they want to pair with their meal and may choose to enjoy your gift at another time. If you are not sure which type or varietal the hosts prefer, you can select one of the more popular options, such as a Chardonnay or Pinot.
Choose Some Sparkle
If you are invited to a party such as a birthday or New Year’s Eve celebration, a bottle of sparkling wine makes an appropriate gift. In fact, many wine clubs send their members a bottle of sparkling wine near the holiday season. Sparkling wine is usually equated with celebrations, so this wine can be enjoyed right away. If the recipients choose to keep it for later, they should be sure to store it upright to prevent a buildup of gases.
Choosing wine for any gift occasion is not difficult if you use common sense and think about the recipient. Remember, if you would like to receive the wine as a gift, there is a good chance your host or hostess will, too.
Wine Clubs: Choose a Perfect Bottle for Any Occasion

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