For decades, dogs have stood by while their human friends have taken advantage of monumental advances in technology that would astound civilizations of the past. Sadly, little of this technology has trickled down for the benefit of dogs. While Dad roams the Internet on his tablet device and junior plays a shooting game with a boy from China, Scruffy only gets to lay on the carpet and pretend the world around him hasn’t changed. While it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a smart phone or a remote squirrel catching device for canines anytime soon, training dog collars are using technology to help professional and amateur trainers be more effective. It’s hard to know whether your dog will know it’s become part of the technological revolution, but both of you will benefit from the integration.

Dogs are increasingly becoming part of important functions in both the government and private sector. They accompany soldiers in Afghanistan on mine sniffing operations. They help rescue workers when searching for survivors after disasters. They sniff for explosive chemicals in airports, and they assist in a lot of major police work. Technology helps professionals mold dogs into more than just cuddly companions. These dogs are extremely important to the safety and security of a lot of people. With the future of technology looking brighter than ever, who knows what dogs will be able to accomplish in the future.

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Training Dog Collars: For Professional and Amateur Trainers to Make Training More Effective

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