Today I replaced the first choice of shower caddy that I bought at Target days ago. It was being replaced as it unfortunately caused damage to the ceiling paint when I attempted to install the shower caddy by myself. It is not an ideal one to be used in our place according to my husband. 
The good thing to know that in North America is different when it comes to returning or exchanging shopped items- no hassles. In the Philippines you have to undergo argues or long waiting time before your items will get exchanged. In fact some shopping malls won’t accept exchange once your item is not defective. I had tried this experience. 
Anyway, back to shower caddy I got a different one, the hanging one where you just hang it directly to the shower head. It cost CA$39. 99 which I really find it so expensive. Well, it says 5 year warranty and rust proof. Unfortunately when I decided today to search the product online I found it and it is on sale. Hmmm.. Target in Canada is really expensive. This is what I also hear from the people gossiping inside their store. 

Simplehuman Shower Caddy From Target

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