I have become out of control lately in my online earning journey. My motivation to earn which honestly the reason why blogging must go on despite of the super hectic schedule of mine were out of sight for awhile. So what I usually do to set back on track? So simple, set another goals to keep my hands and brain going. And what are those? Oh no, the list this time is quite long which enumerating them all will take time. 
My goals this time must be achieved before the year ends. That’s my target to keep me pushing more. And to revail the amount here below. Isn’t that much? What do you think? 


I know such figure is very attainable to others who have lots of online rackets. For them it could be a month or two but for me I don’t know. Well, I just need to be firm in this words “everything is POSSIBLE in this world.” I hope God will always lead me the way to everything. 

Set the Goals, Hit the Wall with Figures Before the Year Ends

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