Psychology can be a difficult subject for students to learn. It involves learning all kinds of new concepts, terminology and even ways of thinking. GLN Consulting helps teachers provide students of this discipline with higher order thinking skills. GLN Consulting is an online consulting service that gives teachers new tools to help them convey psychological models and concepts to their students. It doesn’t focus on creating new or improved teaching methods, but on providing students with the kind of thinking skills they need to absorb these ideas.
The methods used by GLN Consulting are based on extensive research. Studies have shown that advances in the sciences are made when people use certain innovative problem solving techniques. The main focus of the method involves explanatory modeling activities which promote a more thorough understanding of psychology. Rather than having students simply memorize definitions by rote, this approach helps them to truly understand the concepts in a deeper way. This encourages original thinking and helps students come up with their own ideas instead of just repeating the words of others.
GLN Consulting has several consultation packages that offer less or more comprehensive instruction on the topic of EMAs (explanatory modeling activities). These packages can help psychology teachers at all levels make complex ideas more accessible to students.
Higher Order Thinking | Where Teachers Can Ask for Assistance?

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