Our daughter has a thick curly hair. Every time I brush her hair she cries because she gets hurt. As a mom I felt bad because I tried different stuff already to make things easier and painless but not found the solution, until I went to London Drugs store and look for a different hairbrush, something different that I never use before in my daughter’s hair. 
And finally the search is over. She only needs the extra long bristles hairbrush from Goody for deep detangling. Right after I detangling her hair I apply the gel or the serum of Loreal. She’s happy now and wants me to brush her hair more often. It is then easier for me to style her hair as well. This Goody Thick Fix Hair Brush is our saviour. No more crying baby because of brushing the hair.
By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I am just posting it as I am so grateful to Goody for making such great product to help life easier.


Goody Thick Fix HairBrush | Plays Great Role

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