I remember the very first time I saw cupcake holder. It was one of the US Bloggers who did a review for a certain company. I visited the website as I’d like to grab two for my children but unfortunately they don’t accept PayPal and the shipping charge was a bit high for me. So I forget about it and look instead at the mall and any stores around Coquitlam. With no luck, couldn’t find any. 
Yesterday I went to the mall, walk around, see something new and to my surprise I saw the cupcake holder that I’ve been searching for. Wondering where? At the Dollarama. I’m sure you know already how cheap the items are. So far my finds are okay for now. My kids were happy when I bought for them the thing. It says on the label that it’s BPE free so I am happy for what I got.

Finally Found CupCake Holder Somewhere

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