Dickies is a well-known company and brand that supplies durable work clothing like overalls and uniforms. Successful through most of the 1900s and into the present, the brand offers men and women’s work clothes. Offering a wide-range of functional and performance work and casual clothing, shoes and accessories, Dickies is a trusted brand that has built its name on quality clothing and customer satisfaction.
A Little History
Begun in 1922, Dickies was the creation of E.E. Colonel Dickie and C. N. Williamson. Starting with bib overalls, the company expanded and produced other types of fine work and casual clothing. With only a lull for the depression of the 1930s and for World War II when they manufactured uniform styles needed by the government for military, the company has been a continued success.
The Expanded Line
The lines of work and casual clothing have increased over the years. Durable pants and shirts as well as all types of men’s work and casual wear are made. Women’s shirts, work pants and casual attire, and children’s casual play clothing and footwear are manufactured by Dickies. Specialized clothing for specific professions like automotive, maintenance and landscaping are also produced by this brand.
Dickies Today
Several top-retailers like Sears and Wal-mart carry at least a portion of Dickies lines. Additionally in the states of Texas, Florida, Nevada and Tennessee, Dickies has six company-owned retail stores. Today, the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company sells its quality clothing all over the United States.
Dickies- Proven and Trusted with Its Quality Clothing

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