On the Toyota Cost of Ownership website for the Toyota Tundra, prospective buyers can get information about the large truck in comparison to other trucks in its class. This website toyotacostofownership.com certainly covers a lot of data in an easy to use format. Using a graph, the website demonstrates how each truck’s operating costs will rise over a five year period. This takes into account insurance rates as measured by the insurance industry and fuel economy as measured by the Environmental Protection Agency. It also uses data compiled from Kelley Blue Book, the leading authority on resale values.

In addition, it takes into account each truck’s maintenance plan, warranties and even roadside assistance, if offered. To conduct the study for purposes of creating the graph, the website chose trucks that were all equally large, had similar cabins, and were similarly equipped. This ensured that all models started out with accurate pricing for the included equipment such as automatic climate control, Bluetooth and navigation.
The website also cites references for the reader’s further understanding of the data. Potential buyers will find information is available from the Industry Institute of Highway Safety, Kelley Blue Book, Car & Driver, and other reliable sources. This should help the reader decide if the information is based on advertising claims or real data. This is a valuable website for those who are shopping for a pick-up truck.

image credit: http://www.toyotacostofownership.com

A Must See Website for Anyone Who is Shopping a Pick-up Truck

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