We’ll be moving next month at the end of the month. We have more than a month to search for the place to dwell on. We would like it to be lower than what we currently pay so we can start saving a little bit. Life is tough, we are on a lot of adjustment this time but I know things in this world are not stagnant. We can surpass with all these struggles.
Anyway what we are looking for is:
  • 3 bedroom house or apartment.
  • It should be a walking distance to the Coquitlam Center, Public Library, bus stop and School
  • Monthly rental below $1500. If we can get CA $1000 with free cable and internet that would be perfect for us.
We already started making phone calls and seeing real-estate agents and property owners but no luck yet. So keep on looking. I’m hoping for the best for this new adventure.
Searching Another Home to Live On

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