Toxic air pollutants, chemicals, and other forms of air pollution aren’t always visible to the naked eye. This doesn’t mean that the impact isn’t noticeable. In rural settings, the dust from tractors can be a form of air pollution. In urban settings, exhaust fumes can decrease visibility and irritate eyes.
AdWest Technologies, your RETOX regenerative thermal oxidizer specialist, now a member of CECO Environmental, is among companies offering commercial and industrial products to reduce air pollution and the related toxins and pollutants released into the environment. Many countries, states, and cities have laws regarding air pollution. 
As a largely industrialized world, however, there are certain allowances that have to be made in order to function. Companies like CECO Environmental are meeting a growing need to find products that allow companies to still function while reducing harmful emissions.
The main forms of air pollution found in most cities and even some rural areas include:
• Nitrogen oxides (produced naturally and from power plants and factories) 
• Sulfur oxides (produced as by-products of industrial activities and volcanoes)
• Carbon monoxide (produced by the exhaust from vehicles)
• UV rays (produced when thin or depleted layers of ozone allow harmful rays through)
• Peroxyacetyl nitrate (produced from volatile organic compounds, usually in smog)
Companies offering solutions to reduce these forms of air pollution target natural sources, point sources, and mobile sources. Natural sources include emissions from volcanic activity, methane from animal waste, sulfur, and particulate matter. Point sources include emissions from power plants and other industrial sources. Mobile sources include emissions from vehicles and aircraft.
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