I noticed lately that the sound of hubby’s laptop fan which I’ve been using for my blogging career sounds weird. It seems very mad at me every time I use it. lol!
I’ve been dragging it from here to the library since we lost internet connection in the house in order to continue my blogging stuff. Sometimes I bumped my bag on the railings or on the wall when I walk especially when on a hurry that somebody will take my favorite spot in the library. I am afraid that it could be the reason why- the bumping. I don’t know or there could be something burnt inside. 
It is really annoying hearing its noisy sound every time I use it. I hope that only the fan just need cleaning as it is full of dirt that makes it work harder. Maybe tomorrow I have to look for a computer duster at the store close by to start cleaning it for the hopes of the sound will go away. 
Well, folks, have you experienced a weird sounds in your laptop too? So far, I have no plan yet to bring it to the technician as I find the charge expensive. I hope you can give me an inputs about this computer trouble.
Laptop Fan’s Weird Sound

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