Summer is soon to drop. Sitting outside under the son on your very cozy patio furniture would be a tremendous event that surely by now you are kicking as you want to rush the turn of the clock. Even me I can’t wait that time. Although we don’t have yet that patio furniture on our balcony but it’s not the reason for us to step back inside the usual habitat in winter and spring.
I just recently watched Yahoo news and expert says that these two items below should not to buy in April as you won’t get a good deal that summer is fast approaching.
1. Patio Furniture

                                                             It’s a beautiful patio furniture, isn’t it?

2. Barbeque-  the usual thing placed outside every home’s balcony.

Although we don’t have yet these two in our apartment but we still eying for the best possible deal.  

Stuff Not to Buy in April

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