Whether you’re working in the garden or strolling along the beach, you will want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a beach hat. Fair Winds Sarongs have a wide variety of hat styles and colors to choose from. From floppy beach hats to visors and hats made of seagrass, there is sure to be a style that suits your fashion sense.
photo credit: www.fairwindssarongs.com
The bigger hats will protect your head, ears and neck from getting a painful and harmful sunburn. The visors will cast a shadow on your face, keep the sun from your eyes which causes squinting that can lead to the early development of crow’s feet.
Hats don’t have to be just for protection, they can also be a fashion statement, turning heads wherever you wear them. They can be worn with sunglasses and a long maxi dress to give you that mysterious fashionable woman look. They’re a super cute accessory to pair with a fun and flirty sundress.
Be sure to keep other accessories at a minimum as to not overdo the look. Some hats come with beads and chains as their own accessory. A floppy beach hat can give you that carefree bohemian look that’s so popular now as well. Fair Wind Sarongs have a variety of hats in paper braided styles, ribbon hats in fun summery colors, raffia and seagrass hats, and visors with paper braid brims perfect for a round of golf or a game of tennis with friends. In an array of colors and at affordable prices, there is something to suit every woman.
Floppy Beach Hats

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