I have just watched the news of Dealfind.com – the largest website of Canada with hundreds of unhappy costumers due to bad costumer service.

Instead of people looking for a pretty good deal to save money but many fall into these unpleasant scenarios of online shopping at this website. 
  • Receiving Wrong Item
  • Receiving Defective Product
  • Receiving Item for Months
  • Misleading Massive Discount of Products

There are tons of e-retailing companies rise every now and then promising good services to clients, but hopefully not just only in the words because surely the bad marks in the costumers heart will remain forever. With any of the bad experiences mentioned above, what do you expect for costumers reaction? 
I am not a costumer of dealfind site actually, but I am a great deal finder online and now that I know about this largest Canada e-retailing site I won’t bother then to give myself a try on their 50-90% discount. So folks beware! 
More news about the site in this link http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/video/dealfind-no-deal-130600777.html.
Are you a Dealfind Costumer? Beware!

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