Yesterday seemed torn has detached from my face when I found out that I could get kids school supplies, crafts and others in a super low price without driving farther or spending even a penny for a bus fare. I didn’t realized that the opportunity of spending less and taking home more is just few steps away from our building. To make story short, Dollarama is my newly found place. Hubby told about it to me before but I didn’t get the chance until yesterday he reminded me again to go there.
Actually there’s also another cheap store nearby like my newly found place but just does not cater more stuffs. Imagine last night for my $20 I still have a change of $10.20 and I able to take home the following stuffs:
1.      2 pieces of refillable whiteboard marker
2.      Addition chart for my kids
3.      Spiral Art Studio – for kids art work
4.      Sticky Note (3 pads)- for my memo/notes
5.      A pack of foam picture kit
My experience? Super awesome! I couldn’t grab these stuffs above at WalMart in less than $10. No wonder many Canadians are also going there! 
Shopping in a Very Low Price

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